A Women has been hegemonized in every gradation of Society. Women are considered as

Because of these reasons a wide practice of female foeticide is prevailing in many parts of India, where the girl Child is been killed in the womb of the mother through forcible and illegal abortions. In India women have been forced to practice veils, pressured to get married in early age and tortured to produce male heirs. Restricted her to enjoy all societal pleasures and available resources.

The obsession for Male Heirs is a strong cultural affliction of not Indian society but also the neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Nepal and Burma. People do not hesitate to sacrifice their ethos without any undue anxiety. To curb such situations Government of India has made certain rules which are there in Indian constitution like Article 21 (Right to live), and Acts like the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Regulation and Prevention of Misuse) Act 1994. Considering all the above facts APLOMB EDUCATION AND WELFARE SOCIETY took an initiative to boost the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls. We are aware that the trend of declining the Girl Child Sex Ratio is at the peak, due to pre Birth and post Birth discriminations against them. In view of the above AEWS has taken certain initiatives to empower women and strengthen her image and position at par in the society. These initiatives are :

a) Language Training (Spoken English Programs)
b) Accounting based trainings
c) Cutting and Tailoring
d) Retail & Sales Management Programs
e) Nursery Teacher Training
f) B.Ed and M.Ed degree Programs from Govt. & UGC Affiliated Universities and many more……


Adult education programs are generally continuing education programs for adults and older people, who are older than standard high school or college age goers, in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values they come for such educational programs. We at AEWS provides continuing to adults so that they can maintain their educational qualification, Society Status and a stage of self-fulfilment. We focus on three types of Education Impartation


In Formal Education we bridge the gap through the help of various Public (Government) and Private Educational entities that has structured learning system and follows specific set curriculum and credits. AEWS has been associated with National Open School (An Autonomous Board under Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India) and many State universities affiliated to UGC.


In such impartation we provide classes based on General to specific education. Like short tern programs based on latest demands to meet the standards to run a good life AT PAR. Though such programmes do not affiliated to any Board or University but still based on the latest industry and social demands. For Example : Personality Development Programmes, Computer Programmes based on Digital India Mission, Spoken English Programmes, Hospitality Industry based programs like - House Keeping, Front Desk and Peon Services.


Such education is very necessary to sustain the daily life chores. Without the general Education an illiterate person or an person who is not updated or not at par with what is happening all around could not move the society with full swing. AEWS conduct general Education camps for such people. Here we concentrate on General Education like
a) Making aware about Government New Schemes and Policies for General Public
b) How to do general Banking work ; filling of Depositing and withdrawing Bank Paying Slips
c) Disaster Management Program ; how to save one’s life during natural calamity & First Aid
d) How to register FIR, Imparting knowledge about General Traffic Rules and protections.
e) Value of Adhar Card and KYC
f) Protecting House during ; LPG leakage, Short Circuits etc.
G) Value of Sanitation and Health and many more general day to day activities.


AEWS has been working on sex educational programmes focussed on Three verticals

Child Sex Abuse (Molestation) A Kid is sexually assaulted/abused when he is forced to take part in any type of sexual activity . We have divided such activities into two forms

AEWS organises workshops for kids to make aware them about such molestation and how to safe Guard from such unwanted persuasion. We conduct seminars and workshops with our volunteers in Pre Schools, Primary Schools, Education seminaries other than schools and organize open general camps in various societies in association with residence welfare associations (RWA). Sex Education to Adolescents Imparting Sex Education among adolescents may help in curbing many societal problems prevailing in our urban and rural societies. We understand that Access to comprehensive, medically accurate Sex

Education is a human right. Adolescents are made to learn and appreciate the difference in the development changes among the genders. Impartation of healthy knowledge about the Sex can protect adolescents from horrific experience of sexual abuse and exploitation. Such education may curb adolescents to restrict themselves form incidents like “NIRBHYA KAAND” of New Delhi and letting them to be more cultured and imbibed with moral values. HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention Education AEWS imparts education among general public, Adolescents studying in Schools and college goers about Sexually Transmitted Diseases.